Due to the current situation derived from the COVID-19, the deadline for submitting proposals is suspended as long as the State of Emergency decreed by the Government of Spain stands. The new deadline will be set when the State of Emergency is over. Since the State of Emergency was declared on March 14th, 2020 and the deadline for submitting proposals had already been officially extended till March 31st, 2020, the new deadline will be set based on both dates, as follows:

1. If the State of Emergency is over before March 31st, 2020: March 31st + the number of days the State of Emergency lasted.

2. If the State of Emergency is over after March 31st, 2020: 17 days will be added after the date when the State of Emergency ends.

In any case, the specific end deadline will be published on the website as soon as the State of Emergency ends. In the meantime, the registration and submission platform will be active. Therefore, candidates can complete in advance the upload of their proposals if they wish. We will also continue answering your questions.

Richard H. Driehaus Architecture Competition

It is an international competition created to help preserve and revive the use of local architectural and urban traditions.

It awards and promotes proposals upholding local architectural traditions, a sense of place, and contributing to make more beautiful, coherent, sustainable and socially integrating towns. Designs using the materials and building techniques of the region, as well as prioritizing traditional solutions, will be encouraged, as will offering employment opportunities to regional building workers.

The awarded proposals are intended to serve as a model for urban and architectural designs sensitive to these issues and committed to preserving Spanish cultural heritage.

The Competition is conducted in two stages:

Phase One

In this stage, organized by INTBAU, topics and locations for the competition are sought.

We encourage Spanish municipalities to present their proposals.

An international jury, representing diverse collaborating institutions, will choose three proposals that best represent the Competition’s objectives and criteria.

Phase Two

In this stage, announced by the Ministry of Public Works, architects and urban planners from around the world will be able to submit their designs for any of the four locations selected in the first phase.

A second international jury selects the best design proposals for each one of the previously selected locations.

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