Phase One

The competition is conducted in two stages.

In the first phase, municipalities throughout Spain are invited to submit possible topics and sites for the competition.

An international jury consisting of representatives from the various institutions participating in this initiative review the proposals that are received and select the three submissions that best meet the proposed objectives and criteria and which are considered to be the most viable for subsequent application and implementation.

Download here the Phase One Call for Entries

The Phase One submission deadline has been extended to February 10, 2021


The Competition is open to all municipalities within Spain. The jury will evaluate submittals according to the following criteria:

1. The potential of the proposed topic for urban and architectural designs contributing to create more beautiful, coherent, sustainable and socially integrating towns.

2. The viability of the possible proposals.

3. The potential impact of the proposed topic for the community and the anticipated civic support of the proposal.

4. The existence of local building and architectural traditions which the new designs may enhance or use as a basis.

5. The degree to which completion of this project may stimulate additional improvements and the likelihood the project can serve as a replicable model for other communities.

The proposed topics and locations could be significant or able to become significant public places, degraded urban boundaries, lost significant buildings which could be recovered, new urban developments that are coherent with local tradition, remodeling of existing urban fabric, etc. The jury may consider the geographic balance of the submissions when selecting the final locations.


Locations and topics submitted by the municipalities must include all the information requested and be received by the application deadline of 10 February 2021 to be considered by the jury.

Municipalities interested in submitting a proposal must submit the following documentation:

1. A summary document of the proposal in both English and Spanish. For this summary you will have to use the template that you can download from the above link.

2. Admission request of the proposal signed by the town mayor. This document must follow the format available on the above link.

3. A descriptive report in pdf format on the town, its history, its urban structure, and its building and architectural traditions. The description must not be longer than two pages of narrative plus up to fifteen related images (photographs, plans or drawings) on those topics (at least 5 for each one). These images will be preferably included both as independent digital files (jpg or tiff, 300 dpi) and in pdf format. Each image should be on a single page with its caption.

4. If they exist, plans of the town in digital format, preferably in CAD format.

5. Descriptive report in pdf format on the proposed topic and location, including information on the affected place, building or set of buildings, their history and preexisting elements, present and past functionality and situation, problems and opportunities, and their context and value for the community. The description must not be longer than three pages. A study of the economic and technical viability of the proposal in pdf format. It must not be longer than one page. Attached must be ownership proof of the buildings or spaces included in the proposal. The report will also include up to 20 related images (photographs, plans or drawings) and, in case of existing and being relevant, up to 15 images (photographs, plans or drawings) of the history and past conditions of the proposed location. If possible, these images must be included both as independent digital files (jpg or tiff, 300 dpi) and in pdf format, each one of them along with its caption on a single page.

6. If one exists, a plan of the proposed location, building or set of buildings in digital format, preferably in CAD format.

7. Liability statement, signed by the authors of the proposal. This document must follow the format available on the competition website or through the contact details at the end of this Call for Entries.

The winning location entries will be announced May, 2021. Not selected proposals could also be considered in possible future editions of this competition.

More information: (+34) 902 56 60 61

All submitted information will be managed with confidentiality. All documentation and consents hereunder must be submitted no later than 10 February 2021.

Phase Two Call for Entries

Phase One selected localions in previous editions