Frequently Asked Questions

* If you have questions about the competition, questions that arise after reading the summary of the proposals for each site, you can contact us at the email or through this form. We will answer you as soon as possible. We will also put at your disposal on this page the questions we receive, along with their answers, so that other participants can consult them.



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  • 1. What is the deadline for submitting the required documents?
    All the documents can be uploaded on the Competition website before March 17, 2020 at 5:00 pm (Madrid time). The registration platform will be enabled until then. You can also send any query taking into account this deadline.


  • 2. Are there any visits organized to the site and buildings on which it is required to work?
    Yes, to those where there are buildings which can not be entered otherwise. Several dates are set to visit the sites of Guadix and Santiago de Compostela. These dates are published in the Calendar website.


  • 3. Who should select the “economic operator” option to complete the ESPD?
    In this Competition all teams must fill this document out by selecting “economic operator”. Therefore, all data related to the company, if applicable, or the personal data of the team representative, should be provided.


  • 4. How do I have to fill in the ESPD?
    a) Visit:
    b) Select “I am an economic operator”
    c) Click on “Create response” and select your countryd) INFORMATION ABOUT THE PUBLICATION
    Ad number in OJS: 2020/S 008-014759
    – Official name: Ministerio de Fomento
    – Type: procedimiento abierto/open procedure
    – Title: Concurso de proyectos con intervención de jurado Richard H. Driehaus
    – File reference number attributed: 201900000140
    Fill personal or company data
    Mark if it is a micro, small or medium-sized enterprise or if,on the contrary, it is not registered as such
    In the next two questions, mark “NO”
    In question e, “YES” should be answered. If it is not a UTE, the next answer should be “NO”. Indicate the LOT (Municipality) to which it is presented.
    Parts B, C and D, do not proceedh) Next, it must be confirmed that none of the reasons for exclusion are incurred and that the participation requirements are met.
    i) And finally download the file and sign it.


  • 5. If I am a foreign architect, do I need to associate myself with a Spanish studio to participate?
    No, it is not necessary.


  • 6. What is the maximum number of members of each team?
    Each team will have a maximum of 4 associate members, who will be considered authors of the project. In addition to this number, each team may have several collaborators, who are not considered coauthors of the project, but it is understood that they have contributed to its realization.


  • 7. Can an architecture studio composed of five architects present themselves as the author of a project?
    Yes, an architecture studio can be presented as the author of a project (a single economic operator in the DEUC) instead of the architects presenting themselves individually. If, on the contrary, the contestants prefer to appear as authors in a personal way, they would have to limit their number to four, which is the maximum number of authors allowed by the competition terms and conditions. The fifth architect would have to appear only as a collaborator.


  • 8. Will the proposals be built?
    The winning projects are intended to be built. And for that purpose, among other criteria, the proposals should meet a feasibility in both technical and economic terms. In any case, this competition cannot guarantee their final implementation, which will depend on the local administrations, to whose disposition the winning proposals will remain.
  • 9. Are you going to provide us with more documentation of the three areas of action?
    No, all the available documentation is already on the website and can be downloaded by the contestants. There is no additional information.


  • 10 – Regarding the budget, are there any set public prices?
    There are no official reference prices. In any case, only a very basic estimation of the main budget items is required.


  • 11 – Is it necessary to have a civil liability insurance to submit a proposal to the competition?
    It is necessary only in the event of being selected as winner, plus being subsequently appointed to be contracted. However, with regard to the economic, financial and technical solvency required in section 4.1. of the Administrative Terms and Conditions, pursuant to art. 87 LCSP (Public Sector Procurement Act) economic and financial solvency during the Competition phase shall be accredited by a binding commitment to take out professional liability insurance to the sum of €100,000 in the event of winning the competition and being subsequently appointed to be contracted to draft the final project and to manage the building works, in accordance with section 9 of these terms and conditions.


  • 12 – Is it necessary to submit a proposal for each lot, or can just one be selected?
    Each team can send an entry for the lot they prefer, or for more than one if they decide to do so and find it feasible. In this last case, they will have to register independently for each of the lots.


  • 13 – The paper size of the promotional materials is not specified, should it have any particular size?
    The promotional images will be used to disseminate the winning proposals both on the web and the book that will be published on the awarded projects. A4 size would be enough. In case we need a larger size we will contact the winners.
  • A1 – ¿?
  • SCP1. Could you point out the specific location where it is planned to build the extension of the naval museum?
    The location of the new museum space is part of the design decissions. It is requested to locate it above the current plaza de San Fernando, preferably in the south-eastern side of the area of intervention, close to the current ravine and the wall of the Castillo de Santa Cruz, bearing in mind the layout regarding road traffic as it is known today may be completely reconfigured.
  • S1. Are there any visits organized to the site of Santiago?
    Yes, several dates are set to visit the site of Guadix:
    – Saturday, 25 January 2020
    – Friday, 31 January 2020
    – Thursday, 13 February 2020
    All the visit will be at 12:00pm. Please, if you plan to join, confirm your attendance through the email:


  • S2. The Technical Specifications do not make it clear if the houses to be rehabilitated will be used by students or artists or if they can be mixed.
    They are for both and may be mixed if considered appropriate.


  • S3 – Should the “flexibility” of the proposal be understood as the design of co-living models with shared kitchens, bathrooms and other spaces?
    It is a project decision to opt for co-living or more conventional housing models.


  • S4 – Regarding plot B, intended for a new single-storey student’s residence, are the existing ruins listed? Could the ruined walls be incorporated into the new building?
    The ruins are not listed and can be incorporated into the new building.
  • G1. Should we consider the restoration of the wall that encloses the citadel in the proposals?
    The restoration of the wall is not the object of this contest, but of other projects that are being managed by the town hall.


  • G2. Should we propose a solution for the square that is at the confluence of Muralla and Amezcua streets?
    Yes, but proposing significant alterations in said confluence it is not considered a priority, unless their need is justified in accordance with the proposed project.


  • G3. Are there any visits organized to the site and buildings of the former seminary and the citadel?
    Yes, several dates are set to visit the site of Guadix:
    Saturday, 25 January 2020
    *Friday, 31 January 2020
    Thursday, 13 February 2020
    All the visit will be at 12:00pm. Please, if you plan to join, confirm your attendance through the email:
    *Last Friday each month the city council organizes a guided tour to the excavations that are being carried out in the esplanade of the Alcazaba (independent of this competition). More information at the local tourist office (+34 958 662 804)


  • G4. Regarding the exterior access located on the East side of the Citadel, which plots can be incorporated to the network of public space?
    The plots in which it’s possible to intervene are the ones in red in the image.